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    I would like to present an idea that can help bring about the change we had hoped and prayed for on November 6, 2012. I believe if we post the voter fraud problems and along with the crimes Obama has committed on billboards across the nation. We can garner enough support to call for a recount. We can provide a 1-800 for individuals to call and report any information that can lead to the conviction of Obama and his administration. Especially, about the information concerning voter fraud that took place in the swing states that would be very helpful to our cause. I think it is to coincidental that he won and so conveniently when University of Colorado predicted that Romney would win and they have never been wrong. Going out on a limb here, but it might work. If we get enough people to join our cause then Congress will have to listen to us and the rightful President will be put in the White House.
    Kevin Jackson of Blacksphere is willing to help with this cause. His website link is below. Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.
    Help join our cause; together we can make a difference.

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