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    Obama didn't show up for the first debate. However, Romney didn't show up for the 3rd debate. Obama's not showing up was a disaster. Romney's not showing up wasn't so bad and besides, he had little to show up with.

    The momentum from the 1st debate seemed to be all media driven- since there was nothing that Romney said or did that was special... maybe devious- coming up with a brand new tax plan. It was Obama's absence that sent the media into Romneyland. The media can never control itself. Some segments of the media need to find some courage and break away from the "group energy." I don' think that Romney's 3rd debate hurt him all that much. In fact, Steve Schmidt on MSNBC said that he passed the test and looked Presidential. On Fox, they must have said he hit a home run. I know that one or two said it wasn't his best, but they didn't pan it all that much.

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