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View Diary: Obama's back in the saddle on taxes for rich in weekly address (100 comments)

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  •  The GOP Ultimately Does Not Want To See (1+ / 0-)
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    taxes go up on the middle class and to have their reps in swing districts blamed for that and for the recession from going over the fiscal cliff. Let those reps either be responsible for going over the fiscal cliff or let them support a baled approach and be primaries in 2014. We can target these 35 districts now.

    •  Don't You Get It? Obama KNOWS This! (2+ / 0-)
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      weltshmertz, MixedContent

      He knows that he could FORCE them to fold. But, that would be "partisan" and worse, it would force them to a deal HE DOESN'T WANT!

      He WANTS austerity and "shared sacrifice." He's said it over and over again. He wants $4 in spending cuts to every dollar in "revenue hikes" and "revenue" can be imaginary "tax savings" from "closing tax loopholes" that clever corporate tax lawyers will immediately find ways to get around around -- so the rich's taxes will never go up anyway -- unless we RAISE capital gains tax rates on the rich.

      It should be clear by now that he's really just like the Conservative Party in Britain that no matter how far the death spiral of the economy goes, they just keep slashing the budget further and further.

      Greece is already more depressed than during the Great Depression with nearly 30% unemployment and millions of people trying to flee the country to find jobs elsewhere. Yet they keep imposing "one more round" of austerity cuts!

      And now our lords and masters keep insisting that we institute it here!

      If Obama is going to impose his austerity cuts, then we'd be better off with Mitt Romney as President, because at least then the Democratic Party would oppose him with 40 Senators blocking his plans.

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