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  •  Step 1. Admit you have a problem. (1+ / 0-)
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    little bobby tables

    Frum has a National Post article on his site telling the Republicans to follow the steps taken by the Conservative Party of Canada to successfully attract minority voters (Chinese, Sikhs, Filipinos, Jamaicans, etc.) . His advice is not wrong - it's just not appropriate. It's like Romney's advice: "Borrow $100,000 from your parents to invest in your new business" (It's my parents' fault I'm poor.)

    Until they burst the bubble and allow some facts into their weird world, they won't be able to move to Step 1 above. This ties back to Romney/Ryan being shell-shocked - they probably think everything's all right and just needs some minor adjustment for next time. (Good luck with that.)

    The famed conservative think-tanks are going to have to let some RINOs return in order to get to Step 1. (Good luck with that, too)

    •  and Frum has already been excommunicated (0+ / 0-)

      until and unless Republicans start allowing their leaders to disagree once in a while, there will never be any change. For a party that talks about self-reliance all the time, they sure do love central planning when it comes to putting a party together.

    •  David Frum forgets something (1+ / 0-)
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      he's full of sh*t regarding politicians in Canada.

      There was a provincial election recently in Alberta, and the party that had been leading the polls (the Wildrose party, which was an offshoot of the federal Conservative party) blew that lead when they had bozo eruptions from some of their candidates.

      the Wildrose Party was doomed the moment it tread into social conservatism without assuring voters it had limits. Ms. Smith chose not to draw a “clear line in the sand” and instead espoused free speech and freedom of religion, refusing to condemn candidates for making bigoted and racially charged comments: One pastor wrote in his blog that gays would burn in a “lake of fire,” while another MLA-hopeful said he had an advantage as a white candidate in an ethnically diverse Calgary constituency.

      Fun fact: David Frum's mom, Barbara, was on Canadian TV News for years as a conservative talking head before she passed away; she was a lot smarter than he is.

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