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  •  When some of them believe (3+ / 0-)

    that the problem was that they weren't conservative enough, it becomes surreal. When you can point out that, clearly, the Democrats have not become more liberal, but the Rs are much more conservative, and they respond that the Dems are communists, and FREEDOM and other non-sequiters, it seems hopeless.

    I had a conversation at work this week with a Fox-watcher. He brought up Allen West (See, we have minorities!) and I noted two of West's insanities-the Higher security clearance than the president and the claim of 80 communists in congress-my co-worker said he had NEVER HEARD that West had said those things. It's true, their bubble is self-reinforcing.

    So, I think the only hope is a schism in the party which results in some fraction of sane Republicans either leaving, or pushing out the crazies. But, sadly, I don't know if it's possible.

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