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    •  We're center-left + anti-abortion. (2+ / 0-)
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      dkosdan, Jane Lew

      The anti-abortion faction accounts for a single-issue pool at 15% of the total national election vote.

      In the Red States this is closer to 30% and 40% of the vote. These voters do not think much beyond "Where's the R ?"  when it comes to elections.

      The one and only way that we know of to pull these voters off the Republican candidates is to out-paranoid the GOPer ad pitch. That worked ugly/beautiful in North Dakota, to a lesser extent in Montana (where there was no Libertarian Senate candidate), and Arizona.

      Out-paranoiding the SOBs works with males better than with females.

      The North Dakota effort produced roughly 10,000 votes for the Libbie Senate candidate, as compared to 5,000 votes for the Libbie gubernatorial candidate.

      Heidi might have picked up another 1,000 votes as well.

      Heidi's margin of victory was 3,000 votes.

      Chalk that up as an extra Senate seat -- # 55 -- for throwing in another $750,000 in the last month counting radio ads !!

      If you've going to beat the GOPers in Red States, you have to find their weak points and hit as hard as you can.

      Btw: we're guessing that the Senate election in Arizona is another stolen vote thingie. 600,000 uncounted, but everything possible done to keep democrats voting provisional from coming in and doing ID-validation to get their votes counted.

      Carmona is 1/3 to 1/2 likely to have won that election at the ballot box. Even swimming against the Romney/Flake/Mormon tide. (Flake's an extreme tea Party guy and a Mormon.)

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