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View Diary: Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Election aftermath (240 comments)

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  •  I went and listened to the RW talking heads... (6+ / 0-)

    Since I found out what channel 'Fox News' was on in the aftermath of the election, I went ahead and watched some Fox 'news' yesterday, and have been watching the c-span show this morning, on which the chairwoman of the national Tea Party is appearing this morning, to pop out talking points in response to callers.  My brain hurts.  I already knew, intellectually, that these folks were paranoid, delusional, self-important, arrogant, and most of all, ignorant, but to actually watch it unfold as if such displays were in some way worthwhile, and actually made people think better of them was jaw-dropping.

    The trite phrases, the talking points based on long-debunked ideological ideas, the idea that they can simply start paying attention to politics and instantly provide 'the solution' to problems they don't even have the faintest understanding of was enough to make my blood pressure rise 20 points.

    I had assumed that Fox 'News' people were simply cynical, feeding the paranoid delusions and hatred of 'other' of the people who watch them, but now I think they actually share those delusions; the stupidity on display was astounding.

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