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  •  It's got nothing to do with race... (2+ / 0-)
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    mmacdDE, belle1

    ...and everything.

    What binds us as Americans is our collective...what we ALL need - good education (affordable at the higher reaches and sold at the lower), universal health care, a decent (living) wage, to be secure in our homes and cities, a fair playing field.

    These things transcend race. But the right sees it as all about race (We lost with blacks! We lost with women! We lost with Latinos!) and now is trying to figure out how to pander to those blocks they lost. They're going to try all sorts of things now. But other than immigration reform, there isn't much they can do about their top-down and give-it-all-to-the-rich philosophy.

    We are a melting pot. Personally, I love the rich fabric of all the threads of immigrants, both new and old, who have come here. As was noted above, government has a place in ensuring that we are stronger individually, which makes us stronger collectively.

    Republicans don't get that. And no amount of pandering to one demographic or another will change things for them.

    Isn’t it ironic to think that man might determine his own future by something so seemingly trivial as the choice of an insect spray. ~ Rachel Carson, Silent Spring ~

    by MA Liberal on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 05:50:12 AM PST

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