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  •  Sorry, but if race decided this election ... (2+ / 0-)
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    mmacdDE, Calee4nia

    ... then someone forgot to tell people in Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Iowa ....

    I understand Wilson's point, but lumping college-educated white women in the Northeast with less-educated women in the South and taking a single average, does not give me a helpful data point about "white women."

    Sorry Wilson doesn't have a large enough exit poll sample to give us more meaningful breakouts, but the fact remains that mean is fairly useless if data has multiple clusters.

    The Obama campaign won in no small part because of their sophistication in microtargeting smaller groups of voters than "white women." No campaign in 2012 can win by assuming that an electoral group as large as "white women" is monolithic.

    Anyone pretending to analyze election results for the public needs to do a bit better than calling "white women" a group that can be analyzed as a bloc without factoring in that a number may be based instead on the component factors of that group: education or income level, for example.

    •  I agree (0+ / 0-)

      In the past few days we've seen discussion about white men, rural voters, and so on.  What we've seen less of is how the Democrats, as a party, have effectively broken through the right wing echo chamber and gained a plurality of the voters despite Citizens United, the Fox Propaganda Machine, and GOP Big Lies.  That work needs to continue, and we need to get that message out to all middle class voters, regardless of race, gender, or geography.  

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