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  •  Beautiful and powerful - thank you! (8+ / 0-)

    Each story is special and touching in it's own way, but when looked at all together like this, it paints a deeply moving portrait.

    I love them all ... the one with VP biden and 15-year-old Kobe Groce is awesome, and the apparent bond between Presidents Obama and Clinton is a thing of beauty to me too... which is weird because I never liked Bill Clinton all that much and I was furious at him in 2008. But I always believed that under different circumstances (i.e., not running against Hillary), Barack Obama was exactly the kind of person who the Clintons would have strongly supported. I'm glad to see the wounds seem to have started deep healing over the past four years.

    Each hug story as I read brought up different feelings and memories, but each one felt like that, like a reminder and proof of true connection, and the beginnings of deep, sincere healing of old wounds ... reconciliation and true caring for one another, regardless of differences and past pain. Captured in beautiful moments of real life.

    Thank you for this inspiring beginning to my weekend.

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