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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: Is BP getting off way too easy? (144 comments)

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  •  I doubt that BP will ever be forced to pay all (0+ / 0-)

    that it owes. In law suits like this, giant corporations buy justice the way they buy bulk raw materials--which is to say, at a serious discount that you or I and mere peons, could never negotiate, should we be so unlucky to be indicted for any kind of wrong doing.

    I blame the Patriot Act. When that law was written, it was done so in a way, that began to protect certain industries as "critical infrastructure" and it put our government at the beck and call of those industries, at the expense of the people.

    Thousands of residents in the Gulf of Mexico, in several states reported a massive coverup taking place. That BP and the Unified  Command were picking up dead animals, bagging them and disposing of them, but not recording those animals for future fines.

    And the moment our government allowed BP to use our military assets to deploy the dispersants, they too became liable for some damages, which means that unfortunately this is another avenue in which our tax dollars are used to fund the common cause created by BP and the UC.

    This has been the biggest disappointment for me, because it seemed that when this situation arose, the Obama Administration collapsed into it and did not adequately protect the citizens in the Gulf of Mexico from the poisons of the oil, from the poisons of the corexit, nor were their issues adequately addressed in a way to protect their livelihood from the predation of BP.

    I understand it's a tough choice, but I was sickened that our country would rather have a kissyface relationship with Britain over, taking care of it's own citizens who have been poisoned, whose property values have been ruined, who businesses have been destroyed, all while our fisheries and an entire ecosystem has been pushed to the brink.

    The damn well head is still leaking! Still! After these last 2-almost 3 years, and what have we to show for it, other than an aggressive ad campaign by BP and a bunch of oiled shrimp and fish and mass of dead dolphins and whales, and a terrible number of sick Americans which will stretch on for generations, just like these newly created cycles of poverty.

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