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  •  I see echoes of the recent past in the coverage. (2+ / 0-)
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    hannah, Eric Nelson

    It's a political meme to give cover for making unpopular cuts to programs that Americans support and stave off tax increases that the wealthy don't want to pay.

    The Conservative elite hates social programs and having failed to convince the public on their ideas, to slash funding and/or privatize programs, they've hatched a new plan. Use the same tactics that sold the invasion of Iraq. Create a artificial crisis, flood the media with propaganda, co-opt the press and the public will support it because the alternative is a smoking mushroom cloud.

    Worked before.

    "The human eye is a wonderful device. With a little effort, it can fail to see even the most glaring injustice." Richard K. Morgan

    by sceptical observer on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 10:25:31 AM PST

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