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  •  Thanks for the information. We put straw in the (12+ / 0-)

    shelter.  I'll have to go over there and look in on it. We wanted to leave it alone for a few days. We were a little worried that if we disturbed it too often, she wouldn't use it. For all we know, she may already have a better shelter. I suspect, however, that she is under the porch which will be cold in the winter. She definitely eats the food.

    The shelter does have two doors. I don't know whose directions my sister followed, but that was exactly what she read. It also gave fairly specific dimensions for the size of the doors. It said to put a piece of cloth with a slit in it to keep the wind out. You can see that on the one door in first and second photos. She didn't put a piece of cloth on the other door because we were afraid that she would be slower to check it out. The interior shot was taken through the one door and you can see the other diagonally across from it.

    As I said, I've never really taken care of a feral cat before. When I lived in a first floor apartment in New York I tried feeding a couple, but they wound up as pets. We'd been growing catnip in the yard this year. Maybe that wasn't the smartest thing.

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