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  •  Short v long-term imo. Parker's focus is about (2+ / 0-)
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    LaFeminista, sebastianguy99

    winning enough disaffected to squeak a victory next time.  Gerson recognizes that the long-term trends are so against the core of the Thugs that they must change that core.

    BUT, while Gerson is correct in that, his - and his party's and elite's - inability to understand that the fundamental philosophy of the Thugs is what is killing them.  In a meta sense it is about dividing, i.e., market vs gov, patriot vs pinko, 'saved' v 'godless'.  That is a natural outgrowth of the central principle that has defined both the party and its leaders and membership: opposition to modern economic-political arrangements, i.e., rejection of the 'Marxist' critique of capitalism.  As a result, all efforts at reform beginning with the Progressive Era, thru the New Deal, Great Society, etc. up to the Financial Consumer Protection Agency and Obamacare, are condemned as 'socialism' or 'communism', when in reality they are fundamentally 'Americanism' if one merely looks at the federal policy from 1800-1880 (and often Thug and predecessor Whig policy at that). It was unabashedly activist industrial policy.  Yes, it lacked a focus on modern and urban economic concerns, like banning child labor, unsafe workplaces, crushing unions. But that was bc the 'great answer' to those problems lay in opportunity to settle the 'empty West', and much 'opportunity policy' was directed to enabling average to people to do that.

    The 'new demographics' are people who have been - and without activist gov help - will continue to be at the bottom of the exploitive pile.  This is why so many Latinos, Asians, African-Americans, young people, etc., support gov programs that Thugs consider 'radically liberal' or just plain 'commie'.  It is why BO won with 8% U3 and expressly calling for raising taxes on those Thugs define as 'successful'.

    But, bc Thugs have defined themselves for so long in opposition to the modern economy, for them to change enough to win enough of the new demographics would require they cease being Republicans.

    And that is not even addressing the fact that large parts of the Marxist critique are 40 years out of date bc of environmental, resource depletion, education/info-tech and new existential issues created by genetic and materials (including nano-tech) sciences.  

    If the Thugs can't even adapt to socio-economic realities known of 150 years, how they can adapt to the new developing realities escapes me.  And, more importantly, people like Gerson don't even see the former, let alone understand what's coming.

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