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View Diary: Evangelicals get it; GOPers still don't (236 comments)

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  •  Don't hold your breath (3+ / 0-)

    OFA was always just about Obama in the best possible sense.  He is the central figure that drives the operation's loyalty and unless it is being enlisted to further specific aspects of his agenda don't think that it will be refocused to be in service to other candidates.    There were many times when this would have been very useful, like in 2010, and it didn't happen - not even for struggling Congressional races.

    The excitement of Presidential politics and a charismatic and singular person like Obama brought people into the fold but it takes a great deal of organized effort to convince them to care in the same way for a state candidate or shoot, even a Congressional one!  I know firsthand because I have tried.  And it takes a lot of heavy lifting to get people to understand how their government works.  

    It doesn't mean that many people who were brought into politics because of OFA won't be interested now in what else is going on politically in their state, it just won't be OFA driven.    There is a lot to be done locally to organize and invite Obama supporters into other causes and campaigns.   But you'll never get the email lists!

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