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View Diary: BREAKING: AP Officially Calls Florida For President Obama! (23 comments)

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  •  Hmmm (0+ / 0-)
    Saying that Nate was biased towards Romney and white people or something
    When did I ever say that Nate was "biased towards white people?"

    Please provide a source for your claim - otherwise it's just pure, unmitigated bullshit.

    My criticisms of Nate Silver were largely about his inclusion of questionable RW polls in his models when a slew of them were released immediately following the first debate.

    I also criticized his differential use of descriptive phrases for Romney's and Obama's numbers (e.g., describing Obama's numbers as "awful" but not using equivalent terms for Romney). Incidentally, I wasn't the only one who expressed the concern that Nate was adhering to corporate media orders to spin as "nice" as possible for Romney and as "terrible" as possible for President Obama.

    •  Since you ask (1+ / 0-)
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      Here's what you wrote at The Obama Diary back on October 12:

      "Don’t tell that to Nate Silver. He’s having visions and salivating at the prospect of a Romney presidency with a Dem controlled senate. Just get that pesky Black guy out of the White House and all will be well!"
      The line about Nate wanting "that pesky Black guy out of the White House" sure sounds like you were saying he's racist, or that he was racially motivated somehow.  But then again that's been your m.o., making paranoid accusations at anyone who dares report or hint at anything remotely negative about President Obama.  

      “Th’ noise ye hear is not th’ first gun iv a revolution. It’s on’y th’ people iv the United States batin’ a carpet.” - Mr. Dooley

      by puakev on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 12:55:47 PM PST

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