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View Diary: The GOP will not gain Southern House seats in 2014 (29 comments)

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  •  The changing demographics (3+ / 0-)
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    Woody, Odysseus, shopkeeper

    in this region along with populist leanings I see everywhere would lend itself to the Democratic national party running some real Democrat's. Give these states a real choice instead of Blue Dogs and 'conservative' DINO Democrat's.

    The CW that says we can only run barely Democratic candidates in these traditionally red states is a self perpetuating Catch 22. Look to CO, it went pretty progressive, even CA's state government went Democratic.

    Perhaps our party ought to catch the populist wind and stop with the we're not quite as nuts. Instead of constantly play defensively take the offensive and give these voters a real choice. Maybe get a decent DNC and DCCC head and an agenda that actually promotes populist bottom up democratic governance. In 2010 the Dems that did not go down were largely progressives.


    •  We need to rejuvenate (3+ / 0-)
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      Odysseus, shaharazade, KateinIL

      the 50 state strategy, but focus it on ensuring that there will be a Democratic candidate running in every Congressional district! How can we expect to gain seats (especially in this very-gerrymandered reality) if we don't even give people a choice!

      In fact, I would like to see the Dems running a candidate in every state legislative race also. That's how we can build the experience of a deep bench! But that means that a call needs to go out for Dems to recognize and to commit to the value of government and civic service! If we can persuade people to join up at their local level, that will only pay dividends when it's time to recruit good candidates!

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