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  •  True, but doesn't tell the whole story (36+ / 0-)

    Pickett's charge was doomed to failure because most of the Southern military leaders (other than Longstreet) failed to recognize that military technology (the development of rifled gun barrels) had outstripped their military tactics.

    In this election, something similar happened, too. The Republicans failed to recognize that the Obama campaign had developed the ability to figure out how to turn out more of its sporadic or unlikely voters on election day.

    •  My take on Gerrysburg (9+ / 0-)

      Reading a number of books on Gettysburg I'm impressed with at almost all phases of the battle (with the notable exceptions of the placement of the XI corps on the afternoon of the first day (note that Howard did leave a reserve on Cemetery Hill) and Sickles advance of III corps on the afternoon of the second day) the Union generals and units out performed the equivalent Confederate  generals and units almost everywhere else.

      Consider Burford and Reynolds' recognition of how important it was to defend east of Gettysburg on the morning of the first day to make sure the high ground could be held when the rest of the Army of the Potomac came up. I Corps decimated a lot of AP Hill's forces on first day.  Or, consider Greene's defense of Culps Hill.

      Hancock's magnificent performance of the second day shuttling units to critical points as Longstreet's attack came on. Vincent, without orders from his immediate commander, going to Little Round Top. Give credit to Custer preventing Stuart from getting behind the army on the third day.

      There is a very good book on the intelligence units in the Army of the Potomac at that time and it knew all of the units Lee had.  The signal stations were located in places that gave Meade very good information about where those units were.

      And, of course, the Army of the Potomac had much better ground to defend.

      Pickett is right and as I finish this, you can see the Democrats were much better organized, like the Army of the Potomac at Gettysburg, than the Republicans this year.

      [A note about Longstreet and the defense: Lee was on very extended lines.  Union forces were mobilizing that could have cut his supply lines.  I don't think Lee could afford to get into a defensive position and expect Meade to attack.  As long as Lee did not move, time was on Meade's side.  Remember Meade was contemplating a line at Pipe Creek.  Lee had to have a very quick battle or not have chance to stay supplied and a secure line of retreat.]

      Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.

      by MoDem on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 06:58:15 PM PST

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