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View Diary: Please Stop the Kumbaya - I don't want to break bread with conservatives I want to destroy them (65 comments)

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  •  And working with us gets us (8+ / 0-)

    on the crap end of the stick because they're intransigent.  I say keep pressing the advantage until their party is seen as completely useless for governing.  No, we can't deliver the coup de grace right away, but with the demographics and time on our side, if we keep being the party that does stuff, that reflects people's values and addresses their concerns, the Republicans will only continue to placate the fascists in their wake.

    Whether they are destroyed in 2014 or 2024, as long as they lose power, I'll be happy.  No deals.

    Romney/Caligula 2012!

    by sujigu on Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 07:01:57 PM PST

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