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View Diary: The 'Grand Bargain' Would Hurt Middle Class Working Families (14 comments)

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  •  We can't just play defense (0+ / 0-)

    I get it. We all get it here. There's no real reason to cut SS benefits, the small tweak needed can be done in another way. But we can't just keep saying "no, no, no" without offering something comprehensive and progressive in return. If we just keep saying no in a very defensive manner, it will marginalize the progressives and paint us in a way that is harmful to us. The debt is a real problem but it doesn't mean we have to go around gutting social programs. But we need to admit that the debt is a problem.

    So while all these diaries defending Medicare and SS etc. are good, we need to realize that health care is 16% of our GDP compared to other industrialized countries that pay 7-11% of their GDP. That is just one example. So we need to come up with our own answer that we can push instead of being unfairly (or sometimes fairly) being branded as obstructionist without offering real solutions of our own.

    Let's talk about a carbon tax. Let's talk about a progressive tax reform (beyond the Bush tax cuts for the rich). Let's move on from the turtle shell defense and actually play offense. Offense is often the best defense and hey, it worked for Obama - 8 out of 9 swing states went for him. So let's take the fight to their states and not just defend Michigan and Pennsylvania (bad analogy but you get the point).

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