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View Diary: Romney Wasn't Shellshocked (60 comments)

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  •  I tend to believe he was blindsided (0+ / 0-)

    and as my evidence, I point to that exchange in the second debate about the President's Rose Garden speech the day after the Benghazi attack. Romney was absolutely certain that the President had not called it an act of terror.That was right wing spin, but Romney absolutely believed it.

    He lived in the right wing echo chamber. Probably only watched Fox News. He drank the Kool Aid, in other words. To the extent there were professionals on his staff, I'm pretty sure they knew otherwise. But to the extent these people also made a personal profit on campaign spending (and that gravy train flowed in the range of more than $100 million), they had no motive to clue in their clueless boss, and every reason to keep stringing him along.

    I think that's what happened.

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