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View Diary: Insider post mortem on Romney defeat (20 comments)

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  •  Some of those are just what I would do (3+ / 0-)

    1, 4 and 5 are no-brainers; we'd do the same if it had happened to us. 3? It's possible there's a segment of the Latin vote they could have gotten; I'd be curious as to how Romney's Latin percentage breaks down among gender, age and regional lines (especially compared to Bush's in 2004) 2 and 6 are, regrettably, the easiest for them to contemplate and thus the most likely take-homes.

    What few people seem to understand is that the conservative base doesn't see elections as so much a chance to govern by their principles as a quadrennial chance to stick it to us. Most people see it as "running negative ads so they can win the election" but it's really the other way around ... elections are their chance to bare their ids in the name of a greater purpose, without any meaningful consequences for what would otherwise be shockingly antisocial behavior.

    I've already seen some comments at Republican/conservative blogs saying they lost by not being willing to go negative early enough and often enough.

    •  They should run a Palin/West ticket (0+ / 0-)

      in 2016, so they can finally settle the internal Republican argument about going full on negative, and see how far that ticket takes them.

      Romney really got crushed by the Latino vote.  He lost significantly in all categories, I believe, vs Bush 2004.  

      Curiously it seems they ignore the 3% Asian American voters who came out at even higher percentage for Obama than Latinos, even as Republicans believe AA are more likely to be Republican voters.   I would love to see inside detailed analysis of Asian American voters by ethnicity to see where those numbers come from.  Some may be from South Asians on both Coasts, and Sikhs, and from Hawai'i, the West & East Coasts, and the Hawai'i diaspora in Vegas (called The 9th Island).


      "Out of Many, One Nation." This is the great promise of the United States of America -9.75 -6.87

      by Uncle Moji on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 05:39:00 PM PST

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