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View Diary: The First Shots Fired in the Coming GOP Civil War? (283 comments)

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    First off we heard a lot about the GOP coming apart in 08.  Many of us thought that election signaled the beginning of another great progressive era.  Then came the reactionary 10 elections in which we lost control of the house and effectively lost control of the senate by no longer being able to block the filibuster.  I'm all for some good healthy gloating but and the GOP is down but it isn't our job to count them out.  

    Second a civil war resulting in a winning coalition is in or favor how?  Far be it from us to perform a denial intervention on the opposition.   When you see a train wreck get out of the way and don't gloat because wrecks have unexpected consequences.  The Tea Party Revolution in 10 was a very recent example.  

    Third a civil war in their party further hinders any ability to negotiate or compromise and further weakens the county possibly to the point of ungovernability.  A civil war isn't going to bell the cat.  It won't create a loyal opposition party that has the best interest of the country at heart.  

    Long run GOP disarray could be helpful in winning progressive elections if the Democrats are able to take advantage of same.  In the short term this would be a war that has no advantage to us.  We aren't likely to have a whole wing of the GOP defect the to us the way Southern Dems left us in the 60s.  

    Finally I get tired of the overuse of the word war.  Looks like we would learn.  The war on drugs, terror, poverty, women, gays, the GOP.  Everything isn't a war.  They will argue among themselves and either reorganize in a way that works for them or not.  If not they will continue to loose.

    It is said that they are leaderless.  Remember that power abhors a vacuum.  Leaders or a leader will emerge and the tone of the party will be set accordingly.  Don't count Christie out.  He may be an asshole but he is the kind of asshole who projects power and leadership.  He may have the charisma to form a collocation behind him that works.  He sure didn't hurt himself with Sandy.    

    A bad idea isn't responsible for those who believe it. ---Stephen Cannell

    by YellerDog on Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 04:46:27 PM PST

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