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View Diary: Slate gets it wrong on "liberal schadenfreude." (290 comments)

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  •  I wrote a pretty mean-spirited diary (11+ / 0-)

    and now, having had time to reconsider, I dicided that I should have added a few more statements where I said, "Fuck you, Republicans."

    The mockery, the dancing, the victory yells, it serves several purposes:

    (1)  This was a battle where one side had more money and an absolute willingness to say any lie, no matter how vile, to win -- and still lost.   We deserve to celebrate that kind of victory.

    (2)  The triumphant screams from our side inform the sell-out Democrats that we are not just thankful that we won-- we believe we won because we were right on the issues.   Which means, of course, that selling us out on the issues becomes less possible.

    (3)  We send a message to the Republicans:  either change or die.   The fact that many of them are so upset by our joy that they have chosen not to change and to fight to the death is, in fact, a good thing, because it will hasten their decline.  Letting them pretend to be moderates for a while won't fix the problem -- it will just allow them to claim legitimacy and wait for an opportunity to strike.   I'd rather fan the flames while the House Rove Built burns then lend them a fire hose.

    (4)  They hate us.   Yes, they do.   They call us baby-killers; they call us sluts and whores and ineffectual fags; they are devoted to denying gay rights, women's rights, property rights, voting rights, and just about every other sort of right other than the right to arm yourself to the teeth.   Why should we not celebrate their defeat?   If they won, would they hesitate for a moment to impose the horror of their beliefs upon us?

    It is this last point which I think so motivates us.  Having been told by Ann Coulter that liberals like me are traitors; having been told that women who want access to birth control are sluts; having been told that gay people are sub-humans who want to have sex with animals; having been told that people like me have no place in public discourse; having had my wife harassed at the polls; having heard Rush, Hannity, Levin, Berry, and Savage falsely suggest that people on food stamps eat gourmet meals and live a life of indolent luxury; having heard that the unemployed are pathetic, the sick are shirkers, that teachers and police and fire officials are "takers" and that we all are delusional people who hate America --

    having heard all of that, the literati over at Slate are shocked that we are aggresive in touting our victory?

    Please.   I'm sorry it upsets your cocktail party that some of the guests are smarting over what "the commons" thinks of their politics, but, frankly, fuck them, fuck the Republicans, and fuck the lying Mitt Romney and all his enablers.   Oh, my stars and garters, such language offends you?   Well, it was Dick Cheney who used it in the floor of Congress first; if its good enough for him, surely its good enough for us.

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