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View Diary: The FL GOP's worst fear come true: Cuban-Americans in Miami swung hard to Dems in 2012 (144 comments)

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  •  Rubio's positions - anti-immigrant extremist (8+ / 0-)

    As recently as 2010 Rubio supported English Only legislation, supported the Arizona law, he opposed any path to citizenship for Dream Act kids, their kids, and all undocumented immigrants down to future generations.

    We can expect a flip flop on his extreme position on immigration reform so he can pander given what just happened on Nov. 6.   But his history shows his heart isn't in it.

    Regarding his positions on Cuba, right now he's on a big campaign to oppose Obama policies which loosen requirements on people to people travel to Cuba for cultural and academic interchange and to restrict Florida from doing any business whatsoever with any company big or small that does business in Cuba.  That may gain him points with the older generation of Cubans who left in the 60's, but it looses points with the younger generation of Cubans who want to pursue entrepreneurial trade and small business initiatives on the island.  Neither the Miami old-guard nor the Cuban government get any love from them for continually throwing barriers and red tape at their aspirations and desire to help their families survive economically.

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