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View Diary: Before You Start Bashing Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) Read This (293 comments)

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    "bashing" Are you serious? Any democrat that says we have a serious "deficit and debt problem" is being dishonest with the American people. Economics 101 shoulda cured the party of this fixation with "debt". Didn't OWS teach them anything? You don't get anti establishment populous movements because everything is hunky dory.

    Anytime ANY dem utters such nonsense they deserved to be called out loudly and vocally by everyone. There is no room in this debate for that hot air anymore. We didn't just spend the last two years trying to reelect Obama to cede the debate. We didn't just spend two years to move the conversation backwards to the point where we are buying right wing bullshit.

    If she does not want to get "bashed" oh noes - they the Senator should talk about Keynesian economics and how we need to spend more money on infrastructure and jobs bills. Not this "cut spending" bullshit in the middle of another great depression.

    What nonsense.  

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