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View Diary: How Freepers Were Planning to Celebrate the Romney Victory (272 comments)

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  •  the collapse, it was the collapse of (8+ / 0-)

    the Gopees anal sphincter, and it was heard around the world, a giant "evacuation" of their collective bowels, leaving a massive stench, whose evil smell was akin to the force of the blade of a caterpillar tractor as it mowed down anything in its path, such was the force of it, as romney discharged his bowels, and brought the GOpees an american "jonestown" event. The clean up will last years. There are schools for people like the GOpees.

    100% chance that Nate Silver’s career collapses into ruin

    The velcro scociopath,bishop willard mitch romney.

    by longtimelurker on Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 05:15:12 PM PST

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