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View Diary: How Freepers Were Planning to Celebrate the Romney Victory (272 comments)

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    Like the writer at Slate who worries that Democrats and the left are taking to much pleasure in this schaudenfraude moment.

    I can recall no end to the chest thumping right wing vitriol after 2010 and the supposed rise of the TEA PARTY permanent majority (take that liberal losers and many other invectives).

    The Repugs were drooling in anticipation of their beat down celebration of frickin' Mitt Romney (think about that for a minute-yeah, our almost human android plutocrat won!!).

    And on top of all that, these losers are still not recognizing their losses. They intend to play the 08 game of your landslide win clearly means the American people demand that you implement our policies.

    Its gloves off time. The conservative media echo chamber completely misled their followers. Time to connect the dots. This state of affairs is nothing new.

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