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    about 2010. What we should focus on now is NOT repeating 2010 in 2014, beginning with not returning to already emerging Obama bashing. Realistically, the only navigable path to the left is through the often distasteful center. The President sees that – while far too many here prod him to try shortcuts through the quicksand of public backlash, something they can't fathom as much as the right couldn't see Romney losing. Continued movement in the "right" direction, however unsatisfying, should be celebrated, not treated as negatively as it will inevitably be by the right – even if it is for diametrically opposed reasons. That makes every step forward look more like failure, steps "in the wrong direction", to the masses. Like it or not, this site has become, for better of worse, an influential force (does that make it part of the MSM?). That conveys opportunity, but also far reaching consequences to what is said here.

    I voted for the UPPITY ONE

    by qua on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 03:07:33 PM PST

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