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  •  the election could have been stolen (6+ / 0-)

    there is lots of talk about Rove's meltdown

    but too little about election fraud

    I posted this on another diary and want to get it out there right now and have little time so here it is.

    Bob Fitrakis, the professor, attorney, and journalist was on the phone with BBC, Al Jazera, and RT about the story. The story below about who owned the voting machines and the suite was covered on Forbes and Business Insider and a few other places in the USA.

    * here is what I wrote posted again *
    I attended an evening with writers from the Columbus Free Press here in Columbus Ohio on Saturday evening.

    I have been in OH for almost 35 years and read one book, "Witness To A Crime: A Citizens audit of the 2004 election in OH." And was generally impressed that the 2004 election in which Kerry was defeated was stolen.

    After the meeting on Saturday, I am convinced that the election in 2004 was stolen and the election in 2012 could have been stolen.

    I was at Dem celebration in 2004 when the exit polls had Kerry behind and then when the votes came in later, it was called for W Bush. The folks who follow this said that Rove came on the line on Tuesday evening one minute before he came on the line in 2004. And he said the computers were crashed in a couple of counties. Note the words used.

    In 2004, the computers crashed and when they came up again, the election went to Bush. Several hundred thousand votes came from somewhere.

    Did you hear that Romney's son bought a voting machine company that had machines in several counties? And that these machines failed all 12 security tests? They were the worst machines which makes them the easiest to hack.

    And also, did you hear that experimental software was installed on tabulating systems here in Oh? (by the way, the final tabulations in 2004 were done outside OH by primate companies and the company who was going to do the overall tabulation in 2012 was the same company that hosted karl roves emails when he was in the white house when thousands of millions of emails disappeared). There was a  suite filed on Monday the day before the election to challenge the use of experimental software. Out of nowhere, a NSA retiree with over 30 years experience and one of the top 50 agents in the country showed up as an expert witness for the filing.

    There were justice department officials and FBI all over the state on the night of the election. The Republican officials faced criminal charges if there was a major change. It was fortunate that Obama won by a lot.

    There is a lot to this story. There are several books written by Election Integrity people.

    I am in crisis at home right now and cannot spend more time on this.

    The Columbus Free Press with no paid staff broke these two stories and their Election Protection Project with an ongoing suite.

    Here is the web site.


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