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  •  Just remember... (6+ / 0-)

    ...if that's the case, we were just as seditious after Bush's (re)-election.  A majority of the country voted for continuing war crimes, giant deficits and every other thing any thinking person knew Bush was going to do.

    The majority is not always right, though in this case, at least, they chose forward, not backward.  Thank heavens.

    •  I agree with this. I feel extremely happy that we (5+ / 0-)

      won this election, that Barack Obama won this election, his power affirmed by a clear majority vote, he will continue to be the President of the United States, and Michelle Obama will be first lady. They won decisively, and it feels wonderful. I feel sincerely lucky to be alive to see this happen in our nation's history, and to be a small part of making it happen.

      In 2000 and in 2004 I felt like all hope seemed lost for this country. I wanted my damn country back from people who I deeply feared and felt were destroying it. Now, I feel happy that we won an important battle in an ongoing 'war' with republicans and racists and all backwards-thinking voters, whatever they call themselves and whatever their motivations. We won not just the presidency but victories in gay equality, in personal freedom in ending marijuana prohibition in two states, in women's equality by voting more women into office... victories on so many fronts, and the demographics now favor us going forward. I'm breathing easier now than in a very long time.

      They lost. I enjoy feeling victorious as much as anyone, but I also cannot help but feel that they are down, not out, and we can celebrate winning the day, but not the war. Not yet.

      They will be back, they are not going to slink away and get over it. There will be another election, in just a few years, and Barack Obama will not be on that ballot. He will have his two terms, the health care law will be implemented, great progress has been made and it will stick. He will be seen in history as a great and transformative president.

      But those of us who are alive today to witness and participate in that history will also have to face the riled up anger of those who lost, and do not plan to go gently into the future. I think we can continue to win, but not get too cocky for the next round. The level of anger and delusional paranoia in the masses of teabaggers and racists is frightening to me, and needs to be addressed with something more and better than just spitting in their faces, if we are going to avoid them burning down a few cities and whatnot in the throes of defeat in this round of the civil war.

      I don't know how to address them or even think about them with anything but contempt, to be honest. But I think we need a better approach for bringing them along into the future. I'm looking for it.

      •  Do think about it! The outcry of liberals after 04 (0+ / 0-)

        made a serious impression on me as I was just starting to pay attention and take politics seriously after having been raised in an ultra conservative christian right household. I spent a lot of years growing up listening to Limbaugh and FoxNews and all the people around me without questioning a single thing, but I eventually came to realise, after spending enough time on the internet, how isolated and uninformed that world is.

        At the time, in 2004, I heard and dismissed everything 'the liberals' said as being ridiculous and wrong, sour grapes whining, etc, whatever spin was being made on it by the right, but it made an impression. I heard, and I did not forget. Not the words or the sentiments behind them, and when I got to a place where I had made some liberal friends and heard a lot more discussion of the issues from various angles (some of them VERY patient people, others not), it was that lingering impression that made me open enough to really begin to think that I was wrong, and eventually change my mind. It took a couple of years - that kind of brainwashing is not easy to get free of, especially if you were raised in it.

        But discouraging as that may sound, it's not pointless to think about having those conversations, especially with young people. Not everyone is as hard of a case as I was, and many more like me are very close to finally coming around. There are a lot of liberal voices in the social narrative today, and they are getting louder and more universal.

        Hearing the same thing from some random person online, or someone you know, actually has more impact than if it comes from the media and the well known figures that you 'hear about' from usually heavily filtered sources. The person you talk to may not agree with you today, or that next person tomorrow, but it all adds up, and it is starting to add up faster. The drops in the bucket are getting bigger. Truth has a resonance that cannot be denied forever. Truthiness is, in the end, a poor substitute.

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