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  •  Texas vote (2+ / 0-)
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    Miggles, Williston Barrett

    When a huge state "comes into play" or even switches from red to blue IT'S A BIG DEAL.
    Texas did not do that this year.

    BUT   BUT  BUT

    On election day itself, the 40% of the vote cast went about 45% for Obama.  THAT IS A BIG DEAL.

    The vote percent for Obama spiked in Texas by 5% on election day..... reversing the normal situation of a decline in Democratic percentage on election day compared to early vote.

    The trend was especially pronounced in medium sized cities, and even in rural areas of West Texas, exceeding 10% in many areas.  

    If targeted in a presidential election in which the candidate is white, TEXAS CAN BE A PURPLE STATE.

    Even if Texas in the end votes red in 2016, a proper attention by Democrats on the Lone Star State could force the Republicans to spend massively to hold the state.

    In Texas demography IS destiny, and Ted Cruz can't hold back the tide.

    Once Texas turns blue, either the Republicans update their 1920's politics, or they lose every election for a long time to come

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