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  •  George Will predicted 321 EV for Romney (9+ / 0-)

    More of Will's brilliant analysis:

    “ I guess the wild card in what I’ve projected is I’m projecting Minnesota to go for Romney. Now, that’s the only state in the union, because Mondale held it — native son Mondale held it when Romney was — when Reagan was getting 49 states — the only state that’s voted Democratic in nine consecutive elections. But this year, there’s a marriage amendment on the ballot that will bring out the evangelicals and I think could make the difference.”
    Not only did the evangelicals fail to give Romney MN (Obama won easily, by +7.7%), but the marriage amendment was a fail for the GOP. Sharp insights, George.
    •  Did Will have Romney's Numbers? (3+ / 0-)

      My guess is that the Romney campaign leaked their wrong numbers to various RW commentators, including Will, in an effort to create momentum.  If my guess is right, then Will got scammed.

      My guess also is that Romney himself made the call to release false #'s.   I make that guess because there were various hints higher ups in the campaign knew they'd likely lose.  (There is a post about Ann Romney's actions towards the end of the campaign which implied she knew they'd lose)

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