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  •  I went to the same high school as David Frum (1+ / 0-)
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    David Frum is still very confusing to me.

    He writes about our common educational upbringing here. As his article points out, our school was a tough place - but social acceptance never depended on ethnicity, money, social status or just about anything else superficial. If you had a better mind, a better argument (or a better grade), you won.

    When I was accepted, my parents were told never to expect me to stand first in my class. There were too many classmates who could do it with almost no effort. I did pretty well, but they were right.

    I was about 6 years ahead of David and I knew most of the people he talks about.

    For the past decade or two, I have been bitterly disappointed in how Frum turned out. He seemed to take the essential intellectual honesty and rigor (some say it verged on brutal honesty) and warp it to support obscenely idiotic ideas. I could see him do all of the mechanics of straight-thinking ... but it never seemed to come out to any point of reasonable insight or logic.

    I wonder if he is finally learning how to do it.

    Maturity: Doing what you know is right - even though you were told to do it

    by grapes on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 08:28:25 AM PST

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