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View Diary: Republicans still pretty baffled by that whole gender gap thing (115 comments)

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    ....Republicans are all about cultural displays and tribal identity, and they assume everyone else is too. So if they're having a problem getting women and black people to vote for them, all they need to do is run some woman or black person and this deficit will be magically erased. They honestly do not understand that there is more politics than my tribe vs. your tribe, and that for most voters, whether or not a candidate is similar to them tribally or culturally isn't nearly as important as whether he or she advances policies that will be good for the tribe.  (They also think that no one will care that the bigots are still there and still constitute a large chunk of the GOP base if they would just shut up for a while every four years, but that's another issue.)

    Women are not going to vote Republican as long as Republican policies are anti-woman. Blacks and Latinos and other ethnic communities are not going to vote Republican as long as Republican policies are bad for urban areas and bad for the poor. It sounds obviou,s but the GOP honestly does not get it because they vote for whichever guy is most like them, regardless of what that guy actually says or does, and doesn't everyone else vote like that too? Look for them to run someone vaguely off-white and/or female in 2016 and then throw another temper tantrum just as big as this one that all those traitorous women and/or brown people didn't fall in line (and then doubling down on being socially conservative and anti-immigrant, because they TRIED appealing to Those People and it didn't work, so fuck everybody who isn't a rich white male. I can't wait...)

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    by eataTREE on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 04:28:06 PM PST

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