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    No one -- NO ONE -- has a late term (third trimester) abortion because she's simply changed her mind about being pregnant.   NO ONE considers aborting an almost-viable pregnancy.

    The reasons for later-term abortions break down into two categories:  

    (1) she wanted one earlier, but due to not realizing she was pregnant sooner, or being unable to afford or actually get to an abortion provider (either because there isn't one in her county/state or because she has other children/a job/no transportation, etc.), she couldn't get it within the usual time frame.  We're not talking third trimester here, we're talking about missing the open window by a week or two.  

    (2)  Something has gone terribly wrong.  The mother has developed serious health complications that put her life or health at grave risk; the fetus has been diagnosed with a severely disabling or potentially fatal illness or genetic condition; the fetus has already died, but is still floating in the womb, and waiting for it to miscarry naturally can put her health at risk.  In this situation, a healthy baby is no longer going to happen;  the medical issue at hand becomes the health and well-being of the mother, helping get through  the heartbreak and disappointment of a failed pregnancy (remember, she WANTED this child) with as much compassion as possible, and preserving her potential for another pregnancy, if she so chooses.  

    If a woman knows her health is at risk, or that her baby won't survive but a few minutes after birth, and still wants to carry a pregnancy through -- that's her choice. But no woman should be FORCED to go through that, just because a bunch of ill-informed idiots have it in their head that ALL pregnancies automatically result in happy, healthy bundles of joy and therefore any woman seeking to end a failing pregnancy is preventing said bundle of joy from having a chance at life.   That chance is already lost.

    (I get really pissed off at the whole "partial-birth" abortion argument... because there ain't no such thing, there are only late-term tragedies that need real compassion and real medical care.... those are the women that Dr. Tiller was often called upon to help, and there are all too few like him anymore....)

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