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View Diary: Puppy mill dogs to be shot by Amish in Ohio (130 comments)

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  •  My neighbor Ezra is one of the kindest, most (18+ / 0-)

    gentle farmers I know.  He treats his dairy cattle and horses well - and their condition shows it.  If I'm having trouble with one of my animals, I call him before I call the veterinarian.

    He has much more patience than I do when dealing with troublesome livestock and his calm demeanor has helped me learn that those animals can read your temperament.

    He and his wife Lydia are the best neighbors we have on our ridge.

    Their children only have an 8th grade education, but they read more than most of the non-Amish kids I know.  They listen with interest when adults are speaking, and have corny, wholesome senses of humor that make me smile.

    They are highly competent organic farmers who I have relied on for advice.

    I do not share their religious beliefs.

    Your comment is nothing short of bigotry.

    •  Giving your children only an 8th grade education (5+ / 0-)

      in this increasingly complex world is, IMHO, religious child abuse. I hope that they learn to think for themselves and escape the cult.

    •  The question wasn't (1+ / 0-)
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      ... whether you could produce a personal anectdote about one Amish farmer you know who treated his animals well.  The question was which "tenets" existed in this backward religious sect that habitually runs puppy mills provides for the protection of animals.

      And any group that deliberately keeps their children undereducated (an obviously and transparent attempt to keep them trapped in a backward community and incapable of functioning in the modern world outside it) is hardly worthy of praise -- and it is the opposite of bigotry to point that fact out.  

      •  Where are you getting your "data" from? (1+ / 0-)
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        nuclear winter solstice

        My neighbors take their charge of stewardship from Genesis pretty seriously.  It's one of the reasons they farm organically.  Their land stewardship extends to protecting their animals.  I don't subscribe to Christian dogma, but they are certainly practicing this aspect of their faith more so than many who share that book.

        Does every single member of this community practice exemplary care of their animals?  Perhaps not, but then again, neither do all in the "English" community.  I'm sure none of them would meet with the approval of the Beverly Hills chapter of PETA.

        I have been on dozens of Amish farms in southwestern Wisconsin and have not seen one puppy mill.  So I'm guessing that my "anecdotes" have more basis than your observations.

        And as far as the education piece goes, perhaps you need to look up a little court case called Yoder v. Wisconsin.  I believe it was 9-0.  And it explains why Amish folks are exempt from compulsory public education.

        If you want to talk about something backwards, then I would think their prohibition on birth control and the rights of women to control their own bodies might be more important than puppies.  But aren't there a couple of other much larger religions that also share similar views?

        Perhaps when the oil runs out and the tractors are idle my neighbors will point at the backwards English and wonder how they could have let their children be trapped in an oil-addicted culture.

        But knowing Ezra, he would probably shrug and teach his English neighbors how to harness a horse.

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