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  •  the goppers MAY still have a chance to win in (2+ / 0-)
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    jck, krwada

    2014, if the voter turnout is low.

    But after that, the tide of simple inexorable demographics will kill them as a national party, at least in their current form. They have the option to adapt--but I doubt they have the desire. Indeed, given the massive martyr complex they all have, I think they'd PREFER to die nobly fighting back the tides of history. In the words of Billy Joel, they LIKE to struggle and bleed as they hang on their cross.

    The sad part, though, is that lots of "moderate" goppers will now abandon their sinking ship and swim over to ours, where they will turn the Eisenhower Republicans (aka "the Democratic Party") even more "conservative" than it already is. My choice would be to kick them back in the water as they climb aboard, and make them either fix their own ship or sink with it. But alas, we of the "Big Tent" will welcome our enemies aboard, just as we've done before. With the same result.

    My bold prediction---the Dem Party will once again assume its pre-1890 place as the conservative pro-business party, and a new party will appear to the liberal left.

    (The idiot-fringe John Bircher/Ron Paul goppers may also break off to form their own Know-Nothing party, but they can't get elected dogcatcher, and will soon fade back into their previous obscurity.)

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