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View Diary: Conservative pundit explains why Republicans are screwed on taxes (137 comments)

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  •  This is such an easy call, Obama has a royal flush (12+ / 0-)

    Please don't fold it, POTUS.

    Let the cuts expire first (unless the Repubs agree in 2012 to middle class rate extension only, under $250k).

    Then, in 2013, put forward the Obama Tax Cut bill again.  Don't even look at other deficit reduction issues until the Obama Tax Cut is passed.

    Forget a package deal in 2012; you'll have to give something up to get the Repubs to agree to the middle class tax cut, which they are going to have to give up anyway with nothing in exchange; they are totally bluffing.  Just take the 15 yard penalty, then it's a new first and 10 but you're 15 yards closer to their endzone.

    Sorry to mix the poker and football metaphors.

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