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View Diary: The Childrens Health Crisis In Fukushima (18 comments)

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    Making sure people know this is going on is an important part. So much of the wrong done after Chernobyl was done because nobody was watching.

    Public disapproval can oddly sway things in Japan as we have found out. Citizens with radiation meters proved the govt. was falsifying readings. It spread among activists in and outside Japan. Eventually the media felt obligated to report and eventually the govt. felt obligated to do something.

    Protests caused Noda to at least make some public concessions on energy policy and it made him squirm horribly having hundreds of thousands of people outside his residence yelling all night.

    Public disapproval of this issue in Japan can and will help pressure the government to stop denying children access to a doctor. The first step is sharing that it is an issue. The UN has issued one demand for answers and hopefully the investigator suggests more. But public disapproval can have an unusually powerful sway when it hits a certain point

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