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  •  Microbiome Balance (6+ / 0-)

    will soon have as much an impact on human health as diid antibiotics.  Kellogg should never have been left behind in the 30's.

    Treatment of C def has an astonding 92% cure rate within 72 hours with stoll transplants although this is still not approved by FDA.

    Ever notice how lifestock fed antibiotics gain weight?

    I would bet my life that our epidemic of obesity is a direct result of antibiotic use killing off the wrong bacteria in our guts.  Think about it.  Obesity rate increases correlate perfectly with overuse of antibiotics.

    Microbiome balance has to be the most profitable frontier for pharmaceutical industries.

    •  RE: livestock and antibiotics -- (5+ / 0-)

      -- your point is one that the New Yorker article from which I quoted extensively in this diary addresses directly:

      Roughly three-quarters of the antibiotics consumed in the United States are fed to poultry, cows, and pigs, not to treat illness but as dietary supplements to promote faster growth. That saves the meat industry a lot of money; the sooner the animals reach a market weight, the sonner they can be slaughtered and sold. Until recently, the biochemical reasons for that weight gain, and its unsettling implications for humans, were murky. The new data suggest that even minimal exposure to antibiotics alters the gut bacteria of these animals, which may influence their ability to metabolize nutrients properly. As a result, researchers have concluded, both their body-fat percentage and their weight increase significantly.
    •  livestock fed antibiotics gain weight and in order (2+ / 0-)
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      cotterperson, Joieau

      to induce diabetes in test-lab rats I understand they use MSG...

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