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  •  mr. frum's article, while interesting, (7+ / 0-)

    wasn't exactly news to most members of the sane community, we figured it out years ago. the whole conservative "media machine" is simply a grift, designed to extract as much money as possible from the rubes.  possibly the worst thing that could happen, from a grift standpoint, would have been for republican victories down the line. it wouldn't have exactly put them out of business, but it would have reduced the material available, for them to feed to the tea partiers.

    i will go even farther. all of the anti-marriage equality "groups", the bryan fischers, the maggie galaghers, et al, are almost a bigger grift. the more this is an issue, the more money they can squeeze from the fundies, the more comfortable a lifestyle mr. fischer & ms. gallagher enjoy. and the same for the "pro-life" groups, etc. they care far less, about the issue at hand, then they do about the dollars flowing into their coffers. god forbid these issues suddenly disappear from the public sphere, they'll be out of business.

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