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  •  Good luck but . . . (4+ / 0-)

    I don't see how Obama will view his re-election as anything but validation for his goals and methods during his first term.

    He wants to cut SS & Medicare in a Nixon to China moment.  Though better than Romney, he is at heart and, until evidence to the contrary is deomonstrated, remains a Rockefeller Republican.  Obama does not view SS/Medicare cuts as being necessary to get the GOP to agree to tax hikes on the wealthy, he views tax hikes on the wealthy as critical to getting liberla support for cuts to "entitlements."

    For progressives, that sting you are about to feel on your cheeks is the back of the hand of the guy you just worked to re-elect.

    •  THis is bait and swith postings (2+ / 0-)
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      howd, blueoasis

      He didn't run on the Grand Bargain.

      He ran on quasi-Populist sounding rhetoric in which he said that he would raise taxes on the rich.

      If he believe the Grand Bargain is the mandate, he will go theway of  Bush in 2005 when he thought the same with his mandate by proposing privatizing Social Security.

      I have no doubt that the DC bubble is telling him that he can get away with this. BUt any Democrat up for election now would be a fool to listen to him.

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