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  •  No Exposure to Exposure (11+ / 0-)

    They don't see this stuff. Honest. They don't watch the movies that are R-rated (unless it's a rating gained by mutilations and bloodshed). They don't watch those TV shows or read those books or magazines.

    They've walled themselves off from sex so the slightest little thing, like a one second shot of that astoundingly rare and unfamiliar thing – a human breast (What was that, Mabel!), stuns them and makes their eyeballs squirt Dr. Pepper.

    We were over at a relative's house and the middle-aged, upper-middle class guy with four kids mentioned how horrible the growth of "fornography" was. Not a one time slip; he kept calling it fornography during the entire conversation. See, it's sort of associated with photography and the "ph" is pronounced like an "f" in that word, and he knew so little about pornography that he thought it was called fornography. And he's pontificating about it. (Or perhaps fontificating.)

    And they're not particularly religious folks (church on holidays types) but they are very conservative (and Conservative).

    Their bubble makes them dumb about so many things is big. Very big. And it keeps them ignorant. Very ignorant.

    A Southerner in Yankeeland

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