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  •  I had that same thought yesterday. (0+ / 0-)

    And it neatly encapsulates the toxicity of the Republican brand.  This is what we'll need to have on our radars in future.  Republicans lose when they tell the truth about what they stand for; they know this.  It's why their labels for what they want or propose are Orwellian.  The "Clean Air" act, for instance.  It's why Karen Hughes, the other half of Bush's brain, can say she wants the next Republican who talks about rape to have their lips stapled shut--she wants the WORDS off the table.  Of COURSE you have to oppose abortion in all instances--rape, incest, life of the mother--that's not the problem.  It's saying it out loud that's the issue.  Every instance where a Republican gets caught saying what they really think, they say "oopsie", shouldn't have put it that way. They get very, very far with that because their "sorry if you were offended" crap is not challenged.

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