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  •  {{{{jaybeck}}}} (9+ / 0-)

    I am terribly sorry to read about your diagnosis. How are you doing lately? Are you in treatment?

    I can appreciate some of what you are going through, although of course each of us has a unique path. I was diagnosed with advanced (Stage IIIC2) endometrial cancer almost two years ago, and then the chemotherapy that I had for it after surgery didn't work. I developed metastases to my lungs.

    At that point, I was offered what is usually considered palliative care, namely hormone therapy. Fortunately for me, I have responded to it (and to the complementary treatments I've undertaken) very well; I've been officially in remission for 3 months.

    However--my youngest was 14 when I was diagnosed, and even now nothing is guaranteed about my continued response to this (or any) treatment. It is terribly, terribly hard to have not-yet-grown children when you're dealing with cancer. It breaks my heart to think of dying before my daughter is fully grown.

    If you have the inclination, please do check out the Monday Night Cancer Club (MNCC), as Avila and ZenTrainer and Lorikeet mentioned above.  (If you follow the link you'll see many diaries from the year the series has been in existence; some of these were "original" to the group, and some, like this one, were republished there because they belong on our thread, too.) In the group, there are people with cancer at all stages and of all family configurations who take part in the discussions, along with caregivers. I think it is a mutually sustaining group. As the group's statement says, this is a club that no one wants to join. But since we're all in it, we can at least be in it together.

    Blessings to you and your family, jaybeck. I'll be thinking of you. If you'd like to join the MNCC, send me or ZenTrainer a Kosmail and we'll sign you up.

    I'm seeking to organize DKos members in SE Michigan--roughly, from the Ohio line at Lake Erie NE to Port Huron, W to Flint and back S from there. If you'd like to join our new group, Motor City Kossacks (working title), please Kosmail me.

    by peregrine kate on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 08:12:31 PM PST

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