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  •  Diane Duane "So You Want To Be A Wizard" series (1+ / 0-)
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    There are I think 10 books in the series now, and they're marvelous.  A quote from the first one:

    [A rowan tree is speaking, here]
    "(We all have our own lives, our own feelings and goals. Some of them you may learn by your wizardry, but I doubt you'll ever come to know them all. We do what we have to, to live. Sometimes that means breaking a rock's heart, or pushing roots down into ground that screams against the instrusion. But we never forget what we're doing. As for you) - and its voice became very gentle - (how else should our children climb to the stars but up our branches? We made our peace with that fact a long time ago, that we would be used and maybe forgotten. So be it. What you learn in your climbing will make all the life on this planet greater, more precious. You have your own stories to write. And when it comes to that, who writes the things written in your body, your life? And who reads?)"
    --pp. 131-132

    Also, Tamora Pierce has a list of books she recommends for exactly the problem you're having:  finding books for a young reader who reads at a much higher level than her age.  

    Good luck.

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