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  •  This is why I lurk... (0+ / 0-)

    Were I a commenter and not a lurker, I would be pissed off at xynz and boji for hiding my diary...

    Heh... "Trusted user" status after one silly "thank you". All of you guys are hilarious. I like you all, and I'll talk to you in another 9+ years!

    (and sorry xynz and boji... I bet you had to earn your mojo instead of have it fall into your lap. I'm like the Romney of the mojo-earners. I'm sure mine will dissipate in due time as I melt into the mists!)

    See you on the flip side! it's nice to know you're all out there! Lurking...

    (Maybe  before I go, I'll go hide some of their shit and go out in a flame-war.... nah...)

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