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  •  I'm a little late posting here, but ... (0+ / 0-)

    I was in my teens in the '70s, so I'm a little older than you, I guess. I witnessed a lot of the same things kinds of things you did, watched things seem to get better and whites get more accepting of blacks, thought hopefully that the climate in the U.S., at least all but the Deep South, had changed for good.

    But in my own personal observations, things changed for the worse when Morton Downey Jr. started the trend of "trash talk," saying things that had been considered unacceptable. My brother was really into watching him, so I saw more of it than I cared to, and Downey paved the way for Rush Limbaugh to follow. I think the fact that they made a joke out of things being "PC," when in reality "PC" was simple human kindness, was the beginning of the change of mindset that it was OK to make fun of groups that are different (the "n" word, retards, etc.), and not only OK, but funny and cool. It's been going downhill ever since.

    •  After reading some of the comments above (0+ / 0-)

      What I meant by watching things seem to get better ... I lived in the Northeast, in the suburbs outside of Philly. In my early teens, I remember occasionally a black family would move into a housing development, and the white adults who lived in surrounding houses would be upset about it. I heard some of my friends' parents and their neighbors talking about property values going down and other concerns based on stereotypes.

      But several years later, that attitude had changed and black and white families were living together in these neighborhoods, and I didn't witness the kind of talk among my parents' generation that I had earlier. My friends and I were friends with all the kids our age in these neighborhoods, regardless of race, and had been appalled by the things our parents had been saying earlier. We thought things had finally changed.

      But that was only in my one small corner of the world, and not long after, like I said, Morton Downey Jr. started with the trash talk in the 1980s, followed by Limbaugh, and my brother and his friends went down that road, thinking it was hysterical to say un-PC things that were offensive against ethnic and other different groups. So it didn't last long.

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