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View Diary: Michael Hastings disrupts Petraeus Worship (11 comments)

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    I don't care about him sleeping with his biographer.

    I do mind that he took over Afghanistan, pretending to be a non-partisan guy, not even voting, then taking on two think tanks with the policies of hawks who are right wing, the antithesis of what the American people voted for:  the people
    voted for Obama.  Obama thought he was getting a non-partisan general I think.  Instead, he was getting someone who would sabotage the President and put the Pentagon in the driver's seat.  I feel no liking or admiration for Petraeus.  He is scary.  I think his inner conscience could no longer stand him.
    But I am just a civilian American, who believes in democracy and thinks the President ought to be the Commander in Chief without those below him putting themselves over him.

    •  I'm sick of these glorified jerks pretending (0+ / 0-)

      that the rules don't apply to them.

      The concept of military discipline and rules against fraternization were put in place for good reason. Appearances do matter, in part, because junior officers and non officers look to their leaders to see what is permissible behavior.

      I think Gen P is corrupt up to his eyeballs and we haven't even begun to hear the real story yet.  The sex was the least of it.

      Broadwell, it seems, was already working on her next book, and either bragged or leaked, or embellished stuff about the CIA mission in Benghazi. They both were in on a concerted effort to embarrass / smear the president.

      But between the two of them I'm not sure who was using who. He certainly used her for self-promotion, and she was obviously using him to launch some kind of diplomatic career.

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